Australia's health 2014


This biennial Australian health report combines analytical feature articles on highly topical health issues with short statistical snapshots

Posted: 2014-06-25

Dementia Care in the Acute Hospital Setting: Issues and Strategies

Alzheimer's Australia

This 24-page Australian report identifies a range of strategies to improve the outcomes for people with dementia

, Posted: 2014-06-18

The Elders’ Report into Preventing Indigenous Self-harm and Youth Suicide

People Culture Environment

Almost non-existent 30 years ago, the rate of youth suicide and self-harm in Indigenous communities across Australia is now the highest in the world. This 35-page report argues for a different approach to the issue: one that reconnects young Indigenous people to their culture

, Posted: 2014-06-18

Key Directions for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Department of Social Services

This 57-page discussion paper briefly discusses the current system of home support programmes for frail, older people in Australia, the challenges the system faces, and the need for reform

, Posted: 2014-06-18

Understanding the Relationship between Crime Victimisation and Mental Health

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

An Australian report concluding that being a victim of crime has a damaging effect on mental health

, Posted: 2014-06-18

The Measurement of Patient Experience in non-GP Primary Health Care Settings


An Australian working paper documenting existing approaches for measuring patient experience within non-GP primary health care settings

Posted: 2014-06-17

Incidence of Insulin-treated Diabetes in Australia 2000-2011


This report presents the latest available national data on new cases of insulin-treated diabetes

Posted: 2014-04-29

SeeCare IPTV: Broadband Technology for Improved Health Literacy

IBES University of Melbourne

This 23-page Australian report examines the outcomes of a health literacy proof-of-concept trial, which looked at the potential for improving health literacy standards in the community via the integration of two existing broadband technologies.

, Posted: 2014-04-09

Evidence on the Effectiveness of Homeopathy for Treating Health Conditions


This 24-page Australian report summarises an assessment of homeopathy undertaken by the National Health and Medical Research Council, including an overview of published systematic reviews, evaluation of information provided by interest groups and the public, and consideration of clinical practice guidelines and government reports on homeopathy published in other countries

Posted: 2014-04-09

Is the Incidence of Dementia Declining?

Alzheimer's Australia

A 20-page Australian report arguing that action on preventative health could lower the risk of dementia for future generations

, Posted: 2014-04-09

Acknowledging Complexity in the Impacts of Sexual Victimisation Trauma


This 23-page Australian paper aims to provide an overview of complex trauma as a concept for classifying a varying range of symptomatology that is also a pervasive driver of need for many users of human services

, Posted: 2014-03-25

Does Health Aid Reach the Poor?


This US blog considers whether health aid predominantly reaches the poor

, Posted: 2014-03-25

Crime and Mental Wellbeing


This 54-page discussion paper provides empirical evidence of crime's impact on the mental wellbeing of both victims and non-victims

, Posted: 2014-03-17

Acknowledging Complexity in the Impacts of Sexual Victimisation Trauma

Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault

This 23-page Australian paper provides an overview of complex trauma as a response to chronic sexual victimisation and considers what this means for services and service configurations, as well as the implications of acknowledging complex trauma for policy responses in health and human service fields

, Posted: 2014-03-05

What Works? A review of Actions Addressing the Social and Economic Determinants of Indigenous health

Closing the Gap Clearinghouse

This 81-page Australian paper reviews evidence relating to ‘what works’ to influence the social and economic determinants of Indigenous health, in order to reduce health inequities, and ultimately contribute to closing the life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people

, Posted: 2014-02-12

Small Ideas for Saving Big Health Care Dollars

Rand Corporation

This 14-page US brief details ideas that could save the a health care system substantial sums if successfully implemented

Posted: 2014-02-06

Transforming Systems for Parental Depression and Early Childhood Developmental Delays

Rand Corporation

Findings and lessons learned from a US initiative that addressed the challenges of the often co-occurring challenges of parental depression and early childhood developmental delays by mobilizing and aligning the early intervention and behavioural health systems

, Posted: 2014-01-21

Capturing Value from Health Technologies in Lean Times

C.D. Howe Institute

This 28-page Canadian report argues that healthcare policymakers should make greater use of Health Technology Assessment (HTA), a policy tool that can help them balance demand and supply pressures for new technologies within a health-system budget

Posted: 2014-01-07

Germ Warfare Opens a New Front

Inside Story

An Australian blog on the dangers of overusing antibiotics

Posted: 2013-12-24

Health System Expenditure on Cancer and Other Neoplasms in Australia 2008-09


This 58-page report provides estimates of Australia's health system expenditure on care for those with cancer and on the prevention and treatment of cancer

Posted: 2013-12-17

How to Develop Home Visiting Programs: A Guide for Communities

Rand Corporation

This US research brief describes a ten-step guide for planning, implementing, and evaluating home visiting programmes aimed at improving outcomes for families with young children

, Posted: 2013-12-10

Is Fracking Good for Your Health? An Analysis of the Impacts of Unconventional Gas on Health and Climate

The Australia Institute

This Australian report assesses existing research to address the question of whether unconventional gas should be endorsed as a major future energy source, based on its impacts on human health and the climate

, Posted: 2013-11-30

Impact of a Population-based HPV Vaccination Program on Cervical Abnormalities

BioMed Central

This Australian article shows that a population-based HPV vaccination programme has resulted in a fall in cervical abnormalities within five years of implementation

Posted: 2013-11-27

Understanding the Treatment Needs of Women who are Pregnant and Alcohol-dependent

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

This 48-page Australian report presents a narrative literature review of treatments available to pregnant women who have alcohol use disorders and findings from interviews with key stakeholders regarding current treatment practices and areas requiring improvement

, Posted: 2013-11-08

Health in Australia: A Quick Guide

Parliamentary Library - Australia

This 5-page guide provides an overview of Australia’s complex health system: what governments do, the role of private health insurance, how much we spend on health care, how Australian health outcomes compare internationally, the health care workforce and links to further information and resources

Posted: 2013-11-08

Better Practice Guide to Complaint Handling in Aged Care Services

Dept. of Health - Australia

A 32-page Australian booklet providing an evidence-based approach to complaint handling in a plain English, easy-to-understand format

, Posted: 2013-10-26

Education and Health: The Role of Cognitive Ability


A 45-page discussion paper studying the relative contributions of cognitive ability and education on health and mortality

, Posted: 2013-10-23

Depression in Residential Aged Care 2008-2012


This 62-page Australian report provides an in-depth review of available administrative data to explore the prevalence and characteristics of people with symptoms of depression in residential aged care

, Posted: 2013-10-21

A Unified Approach for the Evaluation of Telehealth Implementations in Australia


This 77-page Australian paper provides a conceptual framework for the evaluation of telehealth implementations in Australia, and also provides an evidence base that illustrates the current state of telehealth evaluation on an international scale

, Posted: 2013-10-09

People with Mental Health Disorders and Cognitive Impairment in the Criminal Justice System


This 12-page Australian report models the cost-benefits of introducing diversionary programmes early in life for people with mental health disorders and cognitive impairment

, Posted: 2013-08-12

Australia’s Welfare 2013


This report provides an overview of the wellbeing of Australians across domains of healthy living, autonomy and participation, and social cohesion

, Posted: 2013-08-10

Exploring the Impact of Technologies on Young Men’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

Young and Well CRC

This 76-page report highlights the state of young men’s mental health in Australia, and the ways that new technologies can be used to assist these

, Posted: 2013-07-24

Global and Regional Estimates of Violence against Women


This 60-page report presents a global systematic review of scientific data on the prevalence of violence against women by an intimate partner and sexual violence by someone other than a partner; detailing the aspects of this violence on women’s health

, Posted: 2013-06-28

U.S. Global Health Assistance: Background and Issues for the 113th Congress


This 38-page US report offers an overview of U.S. Global Health Assistance

, Posted: 2013-06-28

The Early Success of India’s Health Insurance for the Poor, RSBY


A 10-page US essay telling the story of how RSBY came into being and outlining the program’s early successes and opportunities for future progress

Posted: 2013-06-12

Workplace Wellness Programs Study

Rand Corporation

This US report investigates the characteristics of workplace wellness programmes, their prevalence, their impact on employee health and medical cost, facilitators of their success, and the role of incentives in such programmes

, Posted: 2013-06-04

Health Care Lessons from Sweden

Fraser Institute

A 54-page Canadian study examining how the Swedes have structured their universal access health care system to help inform the Canadian debate over the future of Medicare.

Posted: 2013-05-27

Young People, Social Media, Social Network Sites and Sexual Health Communication in Australia

International Journal of Communication

This 18-page Australian article discusses the findings from six rural and urban focus groups with young people in Australia about the use of social media and SNS for sexual health communication

, Posted: 2013-05-23

The Effects of Poor Neonatal Health on Children’s Cognitive Development


This 56-page US working paper studies the effects of birth weight on cognitive development from kindergarten through schooling

, Posted: 2013-04-30

Paying for Hospital Services: A Hard Look at the Options

C.D. Howe Institute

A 32-page Canadian report examining the strengths and weaknesses of alternate methods for funding hospital-based care in Canada

Posted: 2013-04-17

Why Chemotherapy That Costs $70,000 in the U.S. Costs $2,500 in India

"The Atlantic"

By rejecting patent applications, developing countries have kept down the costs of much-needed medications. This US article asks whether they can they continue to do so without harming efforts to develop new drugs?

, Posted: 2013-04-13

Health Care Lessons from Australia

Fraser Institute

This 56-page Canadian paper is one of a series that examines the way health services are funded and delivered in other nations

Posted: 2013-03-23

A Quiet Force: Health Cooperation in U.S.-Russian Relations


A 70-page report making recommendations for deeper bilateral engagement on U.S.-Russian Health Cooperation to drive innovation and economic growth for both countries and the world

, Posted: 2013-03-23

The Moral Imperative toward Cost-Effectiveness in Global Health


This 12-page essay explores the moral relevance of cost-effectiveness, a major tool for capturing the relationship between resources and outcomes, by illustrating what is lost in moral terms for global health when cost-effectiveness is ignored

, Posted: 2013-03-23

Report of the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Human Rights Council

This 23-page report focuses on certain forms of abuses in health-care settings that may cross a threshold of mistreatment that is tantamount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

, Posted: 2013-03-15

Dementia Care in Hospitals: Costs and Strategies


This 111-page report estimates the cost of caring for people with dementia in New South Wales hospitals, and presents strategies and practices being implemented in Australia and internationally that might improve outcomes for people with dementia and reduce care costs

, Posted: 2013-03-14

Building an Industry of Choice: Service Quality, Workforce Capacity and Consumer-centred Funding in Disability Care


To improve outcomes for people with disabilities and the efficiency of services, Australian government agencies have developed and trialled a range of market-based funding models within which ‘choice’ and ‘control’ are key principles. This 47-page report is concerned with the impact of these funding models on disability services workers, with particular focus on their capacity to provide high quality services

, Posted: 2013-03-13

Healthy for Life: Results for July 2007-June 2011


This 129-page Australian report provides information on both quantitative and qualitative indicators over the lifetime of the Healthy for Life Program, which was intended to help improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

, Posted: 2013-03-13

Moving Targets: Fighting the Evolution of Resistance in Infections, Pests, and Cancer


The 44-page proceedings of a US colloquium focused on identifying the common evolutionary mechanisms driving resistance evolution across diverse biological systems, how treatment design and delivery can help avoid or minimize resistance, and effective practices of resistance management

Posted: 2013-03-13

The Moral Imperative toward Cost-Effectiveness in Global Health


This 12-page essay explores the moral relevance of cost-effectiveness, a major tool for capturing the relationship between resources and outcomes, by illustrating what is lost in moral terms for global health when cost-effectiveness is ignored

, Posted: 2013-03-13

Health Reform and Service Satisfaction in the Poor: Turkey


This 33-page Japanese discussion paper examines the effect of health reform in Turkey on satisfaction in the poor with public health services

, Posted: 2013-03-08

Cataract Blindness and Simulation-Based Training for Cataract Surgeons

Rand Corporation

This 137-page US paper describes an approach to surgery training and delivery that includes use of high-fidelity simulator technology and associated curricula for high-volume training, development of a system of independent private practitioners, and training where necessary of individuals without medical degrees

, Posted: 2013-03-06

The Relationship of Sugar to Population-Level Diabetes Prevalence: An Econometric Analysis of Repeated Cross-Sectional Data

Plos One

This US study finds that refined sugars, including high-fructose corn syrup, especially when consumed in soft drinks, increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease

Posted: 2013-03-04

A Future State of Mind: Facing up to the Dementia Challenge


An 84-page UK report on meeting the challenges posed by rising numbers of dementia patients

, Posted: 2013-03-03

Prevalence of and Interventions for Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug Problems amongst the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community: A Review of the Literature


This 174-page Australian report summarises a vast literature in relation to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people and both mental health and alcohol and other drug problems

, Posted: 2013-03-01

The Aged Care Workforce 2012: Final Report

Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing - Australia

This 210-page Australian report informs workforce planning on issues surrounding the recruitment and retention, training and education, carer development and employment conditions of the aged care workforce. It provides a comprehensive profile of the aged care workforce which spans almost a decade

, Posted: 2013-03-01

Post 2015: What Can Be Learnt from the Impact of Health Performance on Donor Policies for Health Assistance?


A 4-page German briefing paper considering the lessons to be learnt from the impact of health performance on donor policies for health assistance

, Posted: 2013-02-25

Big Data, Better Global Health


A US commentary on the release of the Global Burden Disease (GBD) Study, the most comprehensive and ambitious effort to date to quantify the world's health status

, Posted: 2013-02-23

Staying Healthy in the Asian Century


This essay examines the salient trends shaping the health landscape of Asia in the coming decades

, Posted: 2013-02-01

Healthy Eating After School

Health Canada

This 46-page report is a synthesis of published and unpublished literature from Canada and abroad, along with insights collected from key informants whose initiatives, including programs, are already underway. Its purpose is to share with governments and other stakeholders working at all levels, the key learnings from a literature review and key informant interviews on how to integrate healthy eating and food skills into after-school physical activity initiatives

, Posted: 2013-01-24

Addressing Women's Victimisation Histories in Custodial Settings


This 20-page Australian paper explores the prison as a possible site of re-traumatisation. The prison system can often exacerbate trauma for female criminal offenders with a trauma history

, Posted: 2013-01-22

Statewide Law Enforcement/Mental Health Efforts


A 66-page US report examining how states have developed structures and standards to make encounters between police and people with mental illnesses safer for all involved and to produce better mental health and criminal justice system outcomes

, Posted: 2013-01-16

When it Comes to Care, Is There Any Place Like Home?

King's Fund

A UK blog explaining how appropriate housing for older people could improve health outcomes and deliver savings

, Posted: 2013-01-14

Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Management in Home Care Settings

Public Health Agency of Canada

This 15-page Canadian document provides infection prevention and control guidance to home care organizations and healthcare workers for the management of clients/patients with suspected or confirmed seasonal influenza, including the H1N1 influenza virus, receiving care in the home

Posted: 2013-01-08

Service and Support Requirements of People with Younger Onset Dementia and their Families Final Report

Department of Family and Community Services - Australia

This 164-page Australian report looks at the specialist needs and support needed for people with dementia aged 65 years and younger and for Aboriginal people aged 50 years and younger who have dementia

, Posted: 2013-01-07

Do Personal Health Budgets Improve Quality of Life for Patients?

King's Fund

A UK blog commenting on the implications of the personal health budgets evaluation

Posted: 2012-12-12

Hospital Implementation of Health Information Technology and Quality of Care: Are They Related?

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

The provisional 15-page pdf of a US research report examining the extent to which HIT implementation is associated with hospital patient care quality

, Posted: 2012-12-01

Background and Summary of Novel Coronavirus Infection – as of 30 November 2012


This update summarizes what is currently known about the virological, epidemiological and clinical features of the novel coronavirus

, Posted: 2012-12-01

Deriving Key Patient Variables: A Technical Paper for the Hospital Dementia Services Project


This 30-page Australian report describes the methods used for the Hospital Dementia Services Project to derive dementia status, complete hospital stays and post-hospital destination

, Posted: 2012-11-30

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral: A Clinical Guide

CCSA, College of Family Physicians of Canada

This 2-page Canadian resource provides an overview of a simple 3-step alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral process

, Posted: 2012-11-30

The Global HIV Epidemics Among Sex Workers

World Bank et al.

This 344-page study finds that a community empowerment approach to HIV prevention, treatment, and care is cost-effective, with significant projected impact on HIV incidence among sex workers and transmission beyond the sex workers community

, Posted: 2012-11-29

Changes in Life Expectancy and Disability in Australia 1998 to 2009


This 27-page report shows that older Australians are living longer and, on average, getting more years of life without severe or profound limitation in basic daily activities. On the other hand, the ageing of the Australian population and increasing longevity are leading to a greater number of older people with disability and severe or profound activity limitation

, Posted: 2012-11-23

Top Five for Next Four in Global Health


This US blog lists five things that should be at the top of President Obama's global health agenda for the next four years

, Posted: 2012-11-13

Tracking Designer Drugs, Legal Highs and Bath Salts


This article comments on the recent rapid development of new psychoactive substances

, Posted: 2012-11-06

Genetic Research in Indigenous Health: Significant Progress, Substantial Challenges

Medical Journal of Australia

This 2-page Australian article looks at the measurements and biological samples used in indigenous health research. It is the extraction and analysis of genetic material that has caused the most controversy in indigenous health research across the globe

, Posted: 2012-11-02

Good and Innovative Practice in Service Delivery to Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Families and Children


This 20-page Australian paper is an overview of an analysis of the Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Client Access Strategies, a requirement of service providers funded by the Family Support Program

, Posted: 2012-10-31

Spatial Disparities in Hospital Performance


This 56-page discussion paper studies the determinants of regional disparities in mortality for patients admitted to hospitals for a heart attack

Posted: 2012-10-29

Impacts of Malaria Interventions and their Potential Additional Humanitarian Benefits in Sub-Saharan Africa


A 13-page US policy paper examining malaria control advances in Sub-Saharan Africa and speculating on the possibility of positive spin-off in conflict prevention

, Posted: 2012-10-29

Soldiers After a War-Zone Deployment


An abstract of a report examining the mental health profile of Danish soldiers who were sent on international deployment

, Posted: 2012-10-28

Health Care Reforms in the USA and England: Areas for Useful Learning

Using research supported by The Commonwealth Fund, this article identifies similarities and differences in the US and English approaches to payment reform, organizational restructuring, and information technology and management

Posted: 2012-10-26

System-level Intersectoral Linkages Between the Mental Health and Non-clinical Support Sectors

Department of Health and Ageing - Australia

This 33-page Australian report summarises evidence regarding outcomes attributed to system-level intersectoral linkages between the mental health and non-clinical support sectors

Posted: 2012-10-26

Chronic Conditions and Oral Health


This 16-page Australian report provides information on the impact of oral conditions on people with a chronic condition including asthma, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, kidney disease, high blood pressure and depression

, Posted: 2012-10-25

Palliative Care Services in Australia


A 146-page report providing a detailed picture of the national response to the palliative care needs of Australians

Posted: 2012-10-25

Can inter-sectoral collaboration improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health?

Human Resources for Health Knowledge Hub

This 18-page discussion paper looks at emerging ways in which the effectiveness of inter-sectoral collaboration is being measured, identifies benefits and challenges and includes examples of successful inter-sectoral collaboration in service delivery between health, media and education in low resource settings

, Posted: 2012-10-19

Fitness Measures and Health Outcomes in Youth

National Academies Institute of Medicine

This 27-page pre-publication US report assesses the relationship between youth fitness test items and health outcomes, and provides guidance for interpreting fitness scores, along with an agenda for needed research

, Posted: 2012-10-17

Effects and Consequences of Underage Drinking

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

This 12-page US bulletin presents findings from a literature review that investigated how underage drinking can affect a youth’s physical, emotional, and neurological health. In it, the authors discuss the legal, neurological, economic, and personal consequences youth can face when they make the decision to begin drinking

, Posted: 2012-10-12

Breast Cancer in Australia: An Overview


This 100-page report provides a comprehensive picture of breast cancer in Australia including how breast cancer rates differ by geographical area, socioeconomic status, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status and country of birth

Posted: 2012-10-09

Early Life Health Interventions and Academic Achievement


This 71-page discussion paper studies the effect of improved neonatal health care on mortality and long run academic achievement in school

, Posted: 2012-10-09

Health Effects of Climate Change in the UK 2012


This 242-page report complements the Health Sector report of the CCRA by providing scientific evidence of the wider risks to public health from climate change in the UK

, Posted: 2012-10-05

Chronic Care: A Systematic Review of the Literature on Health Behaviour Change for Chronic Care

Ministry of Health - New Zealand

This 173-page New Zealand review identifies, appraises and summarises the most effective evidence-based theories and programmes of health behaviour change for individuals with diabetes, chronic obstructive airways disease, asthma, stroke and hypertension

Posted: 2012-10-03

Influenza Pandemic

Library of Parliament, Canada

This 16-page Canadian background paper examines the origins of influenza, describes some previous pandemics and explores interventions for cobating the flu as well as the plans, Canadian and international, for pandemic preparedness

, Posted: 2012-10-02

Dementia in Australia


This 250-page report provides a comprehensive picture of dementia in Australia, illustrated by the latest available data and information on trends over time

, Posted: 2012-09-27

Residential Aged Care in Australia 2010-11: A Statistical Overview


This 100-page Australian report describes the key characteristics of services and recipients and also looks at the distribution of services relative to the needs of the population

, Posted: 2012-09-19

The Evolving Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance - Options for Action


This 120-page book describes examples of policy activities that have addressed antimicrobial resistance in different parts of the world, with the aim of raising awareness and in particular to stimulate further coordinated efforts

, Posted: 2012-09-19

Communities Tackle Chronic Disease to Live Longer

Department of Health and Ageing - Australia

Details of new Australian health promotion projects aimed at increasing awareness of chronic disease and promoting better health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

, Posted: 2012-09-16

Financing the Response to AIDS in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: International Assistance from Donor Governments in 2011

Stimson Center et al.

A US report finding that funding the resonse to AIDS in 2011 returned to 2008-9 levels, after a one-year drop in 2010

, Posted: 2012-09-15

Hospital Separations Due to Injury and Poisoning, Australia 2006 -07


The focus of this 150-page report is analysis of community injury (that is, injuries typically sustained in the home, workplace, street, etc.)in Australia

Posted: 2012-09-14

Risk Factor Trends: Age Patterns in Key Health Risks Over Time


This 141-page Australian report presents comparisons over time for different age groups for key health risk factors, including overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, poor diet, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Posted: 2012-09-14

Social Distribution of Health Risks and Health Outcomes: Preliminary Analysis of the National Health Survey 2007-08


This 33-page paper explores the association between selected social and health risk factors on Australians' health

, Posted: 2012-08-28