Understanding the Links Between Agriculture and Health

International Food Policy Research Institute

This 36-page document contains a series of policy briefs dealing with the linkages between agriculture and health in developing countries

, Posted: 2006-05-24

Measuring the Economic Impact of Illness: A Microsimulation Approach to Measuring the Impacts on Government and Individuals

International Association for Research in Income and Wealth

This 15-page paper describes a new approach within Australia to measure the relationship between illness and the economy.

, Posted: 2009-02-20

Nutritional Standards for Foods in Schools

Institute of Medicine

An 8-page US brief offering guidelines for healthy food and drink consumption in US schools

, Posted: 2007-05-03

Association between Marital Status and Health: Examining the Role of Age and Gender

Institute of Economic Growth

This 25-page Indian discussion paper examines the association between marital status and self-reported health status of Indian adults

Posted: 2009-07-21

Sheepskin or Prozac: The Causal Effect of Education on Mental Health

Institute for the Study of Labor

This 45-page discussion paper examines the link between education and mental health

, Posted: 2006-08-03

Taxes, Cigarette Consumption and Smoking Intensity

Institute for the Study of Labor

A 38-page discussion paper analysing the compensatory behaviour of smokers and the implications for tax increases as a policy instrument

, Posted: 2005-11-25

The Obesity Epidemic in Europe

Institute for the Study of Labor

A 32-page discussion paper studying the obesity phenomenon in 9 European countries

, Posted: 2005-10-24

The Effects of Smoking Ban Regulations on Individual Smoking Rates

Institute for the Study of Labor

A 31-page discussion paper describing the dynamics of smoking behaviour in Australia and investigating what role smoking ban regulations have on individual smoking habits

, Posted: 2005-09-12

How Does Marriage Affect Physical and Psychological Health? A Survey of Longitudinal Evidence

Institute for the Study of Labor

A 30-page discussion paper examining the modern literature on the health benefits of relationships like marriage

Posted: 2005-06-08

Is the Child Health/Family Income Gradient Universal? Evidence from England

Institute for the Study of Labor

This 26-page discussion paper compares the child health/family income gradient in England with results from the U.S.

, Posted: 2004-10-12

The Effect of Economic Crises on Nutritional Status: Evidence From Russia

Institute for the Study of Labor

This 43-page discussion paper examines the relationship between nutritional status and both longer-run household resources and short-run fluctuations in resources

Posted: 2004-04-16

Air Pollution and Infant Health: What Can We Learn From California's Recent Experience?

Institute for the Study of Labor

This 51-page discussion paper measures the impact of air pollution on infant mortality in California during the 1990's

, Posted: 2004-03-11

Biosecurity: The Next Public Policy Imperative for Canada and the World

Institute for Research on Public Policy

This 7-page Canadian article examines biosecurity issues

, Posted: 2006-02-06

Planning for the Next Pandemic Threat: Defining the Federal Role in Public Health Emergencies

Institute for Research on Public Policy

This 36-page Canadian paper addresses some unresolved emergency response problems highlighted by reports examining the SARS outbreak

, Posted: 2005-11-29

Careful Consideration: Decision-Making in the Health Care System

Institute for Research on Public Policy

The 8-page keynote address to this Canadian conference, by Quebec's health minister, focuses on achieving success in health care reform

Posted: 2005-01-21

Medicaid at Birth, WIC Take-Up and Children's Outcomes

Institute for Research on Poverty

A 32-page U.S. discussion paper reporting on the effects of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), which provides food and nutritional advice to low income families in the U.S.

, Posted: 2004-09-16

Africa’s Victories over Malaria

Inside Story

An Australian article reporting on progress in combatting malaria in Africa

, Posted: 2011-08-18

Germ Warfare Opens a New Front

Inside Story

An Australian blog on the dangers of overusing antibiotics

Posted: 2013-12-24

Medical Negligence: an update

Information Service, Parliament of New South Wales

This parliamentary briefing paper reviews recent events in New South Wales and the Australian Commonwealth impacting on medical litigation

Posted: 2004-02-16

Making Health Care Free for the Poor

Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre

This 7-page Australian policy brief argues that user fees are one of the main obstacles to increasing poor people’s access to health care in developing countries and thus promoting more inclusive forms of development

, Posted: 2012-01-09

Mainstreaming Environment and Climate Change: Health

IIED, Irish Aid

This 8-page briefing paper is part of a series that aims to clarify the links between the environment, climate change and key development sectors, and provide guidance on strategies available for mainstreaming the environment and climate change into national policies

, Posted: 2011-09-06

Urban Environments, Wealth and Health


This 53-page paper examines urban health in low- and middle-income countries in respect of key environmental issues

, Posted: 2007-12-21

Channels for Change: Private Water and the Urban Poor


A 4-page UK briefing paper offering examples of innovative ‘private’ water suppliers in which elements of these models are replicable

, Posted: 2010-05-23

Health Care Developments in EU Member States: Regressing Trends and Institutional Similarity?


This 44-page Swedish working paper performs a diachronical cross-national analysis of health care services in Europe, examining questions of decline and convergence of European health care systems

, Posted: 2010-10-07

Unfit for Purpose: How Car Use Fuels Climate Change and Obesity


A 75-page report highlighting the extent to which car use is implicated in the increase in obesity and rising CO2 emissions

, Posted: 2007-08-18

Clearing Up ASEAN's Hazy Relations


A 3-page commentary on air quality in the ASEAN region

, Posted: 2006-10-25

Beyond Subsidies: Triggering a Revolution in Rural Sanitation


This 4-page UK policy briefing asks how can we maximise the huge potential for transforming rural sanitation in developing countries

, Posted: 2009-07-22

The Impact of Violent Conflict on Child Health: What Are the Channels?


This 4-page UK policy brief uses research in Burundi and Rwanda to identify how violent conflict impacts on child health, and gives some advice on how policymakers can mitigate the impact

, Posted: 2010-05-03

Fiscal Decentralization, Chinese Style: Good for Health Outcomes?


This 24-page Japanese discussion paper analyzes the effect of fiscal decentralization on health outcomes in China

Posted: 2007-07-19

Health Reform and Service Satisfaction in the Poor: Turkey


This 33-page Japanese discussion paper examines the effect of health reform in Turkey on satisfaction in the poor with public health services

, Posted: 2013-03-08

How to Combat HIV/AIDS: Recommendations for the Government


A 2-page Ukrainian article proposing how the government of that country should deal with its HIV/AIDS epidemic

Posted: 2007-09-12

SeeCare IPTV: Broadband Technology for Improved Health Literacy

IBES University of Melbourne

This 23-page Australian report examines the outcomes of a health literacy proof-of-concept trial, which looked at the potential for improving health literacy standards in the community via the integration of two existing broadband technologies.

, Posted: 2014-04-09

A Unified Approach for the Evaluation of Telehealth Implementations in Australia


This 77-page Australian paper provides a conceptual framework for the evaluation of telehealth implementations in Australia, and also provides an evidence base that illustrates the current state of telehealth evaluation on an international scale

, Posted: 2013-10-09

Report of the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Human Rights Council

This 23-page report focuses on certain forms of abuses in health-care settings that may cross a threshold of mistreatment that is tantamount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

, Posted: 2013-03-15

Can inter-sectoral collaboration improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health?

Human Resources for Health Knowledge Hub

This 18-page discussion paper looks at emerging ways in which the effectiveness of inter-sectoral collaboration is being measured, identifies benefits and challenges and includes examples of successful inter-sectoral collaboration in service delivery between health, media and education in low resource settings

, Posted: 2012-10-19

Disability in Canada: A 2006 Profile

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

This 75-page Canadian document presents some key statistical findings on persons with disabilities in an accessible, plain language document. It is intended as a resource tool to assist anyone interested in disability issues

, Posted: 2011-06-09

Health Effects of Climate Change in the UK 2012


This 242-page report complements the Health Sector report of the CCRA by providing scientific evidence of the wider risks to public health from climate change in the UK

, Posted: 2012-10-05

Not Your Father's PE: Obesity, Exercise, and the Role of Schools

Hoover Institution

A 7-page US article examining the relationship between exercise, PE classes and childhood obesity

, Posted: 2006-09-19

Perceptions of the Social Harms Associated with Khat Use

Home Office UK

This 22-page UK report describes the findings from a study exploring the perceived social harms associated with the use of khat

, Posted: 2010-10-11

Inspections of Cleanliness and Infection Control: How Well Are Acute Trusts Following the Hygiene Code?

Healthcare Commission - UK

A 26-page UK report analyzing unanounced inspections of cleanliness and infection control in a sample of NHS acute trusts

, Posted: 2008-12-17

State of Healthcare 2008

Healthcare Commission

This 137-page UK report looks at the progress made in healthcare since 2004 and the challenges ahead. It focuses on how six key areas of care were provided to and experienced by patients in 2008.

Posted: 2008-12-12

Considerations for the Use of DDT in Malaria Control

Health Policy and Development

An article examining the benefits and risks of DDT in malaria control programmes

Posted: 2004-10-12

When the Hospital Makes You Sick

Health Issues Centre

A 7-page Australian article describing problems experienced by people with multiple chemical sensitivity in hospitals, and offering some solutions

Posted: 2008-02-06

Safe and Sound: Optimizing Prescribing Behaviours

Health Council of Canada

The 20-page Canadian report of a policy symposium held to enhance the prescribing bahaviour of health professionals in Canada

Posted: 2007-12-07

Optimal Prescribing and Medication Use in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities

Health Council of Canada

This 44-page Canadian report reviews the challenges for Canada's health care system in ensuring that drug prescriptions are appropriate, safe and effective

Posted: 2007-08-03

Why Health Care Renewal Matters: Lessons from Diabetes

Health Council of Canada

A 74-page Canadian report on how reforms in health care are impacting diabetes sufferers

Posted: 2007-08-03

Managing Health Claims for Food in Canada

Health Canada

This 128-page discussion paper reviews the current framework for the management of health claims on food

Posted: 2007-12-23

Healthy Settings for Young People in Canada

Health Canada

A 166-page Canadian report designed to monitor changes in health behaviours and key health outcomes among school-aged children

, Posted: 2008-07-31

A Statistical Profile on the Health of First Nations in Canada: Self-rated Health and Selected Conditions, 2002 to 2005

Health Canada

This 46-page report presents a national description of the health status of First Nations people on-reserve in Canada

, Posted: 2010-01-22

Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada: Recommendations of the Sodium Working Group

Health Canada

An 86-page Canadian report containing a population health strategy for reducing sodium intake among Canadians

Posted: 2010-09-26

Working Together to Improve Aboriginal Access to Health Services

Health Canada

This Canadian brochure describes how Health Canada is supporting collaborative work to address the unique challenges that Aboriginal people face in accessing quality health care

, Posted: 2011-09-21

Safety of Cell Phones and Cell Phone Towers

Health Canada

A 3-page Canadian brochure assessing the health risks associated with cell phones and cell phone towers

Posted: 2011-10-19

Healthy Eating After School

Health Canada

This 46-page report is a synthesis of published and unpublished literature from Canada and abroad, along with insights collected from key informants whose initiatives, including programs, are already underway. Its purpose is to share with governments and other stakeholders working at all levels, the key learnings from a literature review and key informant interviews on how to integrate healthy eating and food skills into after-school physical activity initiatives

, Posted: 2013-01-24

Monitoring Strategies for Toxic Substances

Health and Safety Executive - U.K.

A 22-page document providing guidance to employers for investigating employee exposure, by inhalation, to substances hazardous to health

, Posted: 2005-11-08

Precarious Housing and Health Inequalities: What Are the Links?

Hanover Welfare Services

Summary findings of an Australian study exploring the relationship between precarious housing and health

, Posted: 2011-08-08

Applying the Paradox of Prevention: Eradicate HIV

Griffith Review

This 30-page Australian essay argues for the global eradication of HIV

Posted: 2007-08-21

Healthy Societies: Addressing 21st Century Health Challenges

Government of South Australia

This 62-page Australian paper argues that we are at a turning point in health policy and that changes in the existing health care system will not be sufficient to maintain and improve health

Posted: 2009-02-03

Preventing Sudden Infant Deaths in Canada

Government of Canada et al.

A 4-page overview of issues relevant to safe sleep for infants

, Posted: 2011-07-15

The Sensible Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Government of Canada

A 50-page Canadian health guide for pregnant women

Posted: 2007-05-02

A National Approach to Mental Health: From Crisis to Community (First Report)

Government of Australia

This 594-page report is the first of two providing a wide ranging review of many aspects of mental health in Australia

Posted: 2006-04-06

Getting Better: the European Union's Performance in the World Health Organization

Global Health Europe

A 17-page summary report analyzing the performance of the EU in the WHO

, Posted: 2010-01-07

The Economics of Phasing Out PVC

Global Development and Environment Institute

This 57-page report argues that PVC is a hazardous material and discusses the introduction of alternatives

, Posted: 2004-04-12

AIDS, Economics and Terrorism in Africa

Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS

A 9-page paper discussing the link between AIDS, economic failure and terrorism in Africa

, Posted: 2005-02-04

21st Century Challenges: Retirement Insecurity


A 46-page presentation by the US Comptroller General on the problems facing the US as a result of demographic changes and rising health costs

, Posted: 2006-11-03

Chemical Regulation


A 56-pager US report comparing US and EU approaches to protect against the risks of toxic chemicals

, Posted: 2007-10-10

Global Health


This 21-page House testimony describes the efforts of US agencies to support overseas programmes building capacity for infectious disease surveillance

Posted: 2007-10-08

Influenza Pandemic


A 56-page US report assessing the preparedness of the US Federal government to respond to an influenza pandemic

Posted: 2007-09-11

Influenza Pandemic


A 78-page US report describing efforts to assess the risk of an influenza pandemic and prioritize countries for assistance. It also describes the steps taken to help forestall a pandemic

Posted: 2007-06-22

Childhood Obesity: Factors Affecting Physical Activity


A 27-page US document dealing with childhood obesity and the connection with physical activity

Posted: 2007-01-07

Long-Term Care Insurance


A 34-page examination of a long-term care insurance programme offered by the US Federal government

, Posted: 2006-12-30

Management of Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness in England and Wales


A 55-page UK document providing a framework for health professionals to guide them in managing outbreaks of infectious intestinal disease caused by ingestion of contaminated food

, Posted: 2008-02-13

Intergenerational Health Disparities: Socioeconomic Status, Women's Health Conditionsand Child Behaviour Problems

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

A 10-page U.S. paper examining whether the association between low socioeconomic status and child behaviour problems is mediated by maternal health conditions and behaviour

, Posted: 2005-09-05

How Good is Canadian Health Care?

Fraser Institute

A 102-page report offering an international comparison of health care systems, comparing Canada with other OECD countries

Posted: 2007-01-01

How Good is Canadian Health Care? An International Comparison of Health Care Systems

Fraser Institute

This 66-page study compares Canada with other OECD countries guaranteeing access to medical care regardless of ability to pay, measuring indicators of access to health care and outcomes from the medical care process

Posted: 2005-08-02

How Good is Canadian Healthcare? An International Comparison of Health Care Systems (2004 Report)

Fraser Institute

This 66-page study compares Canada to other OECD countries that guarantee access to health care regardless of ability to pay, using 12 indicators of access and outcomes

Posted: 2004-05-10

Health Care Lessons from Australia

Fraser Institute

This 56-page Canadian paper is one of a series that examines the way health services are funded and delivered in other nations

Posted: 2013-03-23

Health Care Lessons from Sweden

Fraser Institute

A 54-page Canadian study examining how the Swedes have structured their universal access health care system to help inform the Canadian debate over the future of Medicare.

Posted: 2013-05-27

African Women Confront Bush's AIDS Policy

Foreign Policy in Focus

An article criticising U.S. AIDS Policy

, Posted: 2005-12-14

Chronic and Acute Effects of Artificial Colourings and Preservatives

Food Standards Agency - UK

A 188-page UK report examining the linkage between artificial food colours and sodium benzoate and children's behaviour

, Posted: 2007-09-13

America’s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2009

Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics

This 216-page US report presents 40 key indicators on important aspects of children’s lives

, Posted: 2009-07-23

The Illusion of Group Health Insurance: Discretionary Associations

Families USA

This 18-page U.S. paper reports on shortcomings of discretionary associations in the provision of health insurance and proposes greater regulation

Posted: 2004-04-12

Effectiveness of Individual Funding Approaches for Disability Support


This 124-page Australian report examines the effectiveness of individual funding of disability support and aims to inform policy to improve the provision of disability support

, Posted: 2010-07-08

Post-diagnosis Support for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Their Families and Carers


These two Australian reports are based on literature reviews addressing the experiences of diagnosis, treatment and support for families with children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

, Posted: 2011-06-02

Mortality of Children and Parental Disadvantage


A 60-page Australian article examining the relationship between child mortality and parental disadvantage

Posted: 2008-07-29

The 25 Recommendations on the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Genetic Testing

European Commission

These recommendations were formulated by an E.U. expert committee to guide the creation of an appropriate strategy for ensuring the maximum potential in healthcare innovation

, Posted: 2004-04-18

Children and the Environment in North America: A First Report on Available Indicators and Measures

Environment Canada

A 116-page report collating available information on the effects of the environment on the health of Canadian children

, Posted: 2006-03-07

Health Status Transitions


A 7-page policy brief discussing the policy implications of a study of the movements in health status of the population of EU countries by age

, Posted: 2008-01-10

Health Status Transitions


This 120-page research builds up a picture of the movements in health status of the elderly population of each EU country by age and sex

Posted: 2007-05-24

Ageing, Health and Retirement in Europe: The AGIR Project: Final Report on Scientific Achievements


This 46-page report presents the overall findings of the AGIR (Ageing, Health and Retirement in Europe) Project, including research undertaken within the project and a review of significant contributions to the "state-of-the-art"

, Posted: 2005-08-24

Wellbeing and Dependency Among the European Elderly: The Role of Social Integration


A 20-page study highlighting the importance of social integration for the wellbeing of dependent elderly people living at home

, Posted: 2005-08-23

Health Care: U.S. Spends More, Gets Less

Economic Policy Institute

An economic snapshot charting health care expenditure and life expectancy in the 30 OECD member states

Posted: 2004-11-02

Health Economics for Low-Income Countries

Economic Growth Center

This 79-page discussion paper reviews the literature on the returns to health improvements in low-income countries and how best to achieve these improvements

, Posted: 2007-05-27

The Economic Impact of AIDS Treatment: Labor Supply in Western Kenya

Economic Growth Center

This 49-page paper estimates the economic impacts of antiretroviral treatment, using survey results from Kenya

, Posted: 2007-01-10

Population and Health Policies

Economic Growth Center

This 101-page US discussion paper focuses on research methods, findings, and questions that economists can clarify regarding the causal relationships between economic development, health outcomes, and reproductive behavior, which operate in many directions, posing problems for identifying causal pathways

Posted: 2009-09-17

Curbing the HIV Epidemic

Earth Policy Institute

An article outlining a strategy for curbing the HIV epidemic, with special reference to Africa

, Posted: 2006-03-03

Finding the Right Help: Pathways for Culturally Diverse Clients with Cannabis Use and Mental Health Issues

Drug and Alcohol Multicultural Education Centre, National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centr

This qualitative Australian study examines the experiences of those with co-existing issues engaging with mental health or alcohol and other drug services

, Posted: 2010-07-30

How Health and Safety Makes Good Business Sense


This 44-page New Zealand report studies the linkages between workplace health & safety and performance and productivity

, Posted: 2008-03-04

International Trade in Health Services: Assessing the Trade and the Trade-Offs


This 36-page Danish working paper provides an overview of the commercial opportunities from trade in health services for developing countries and the possible resulting tradeoffs

, Posted: 2008-05-27

Post 2015: What Can Be Learnt from the Impact of Health Performance on Donor Policies for Health Assistance?


A 4-page German briefing paper considering the lessons to be learnt from the impact of health performance on donor policies for health assistance

, Posted: 2013-02-25

National Confidential Study of Deaths Following MRSA Infection


A UK letter summarizing the main findings from a study into MRSA deaths

Posted: 2007-11-09